Frequently Asked Questions

What will my interest rate be?

Great question! We will be able to tell you the rate you qualify for after collecting some information from you. M Financial offers prime loans as low as 5.99% OAC as well as sub-prime rates starting from 9.99%.

What is a sub-prime loan?

It is a loan to help individuals who do not qualify for prime rates to finance or lease a vehicle.

Can I apply if I have had previous repossessions or bankruptcy?

Yes you can! Lenders understand that many people experience financial hardships and are willing to help our customers obtain financing.

Will my loan help rebuild my credit?

Yes! Making your new loan payments on time every billing cycle will help build your credit score.

Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes, since your auto loan is open ended you are allowed to pay it off early or trade in your vehicle and apply for a new loan.

What if I am looking for a specific vehicle?

M Financial is connected with a dealership that will source the vehicle you want or we can help you finance your vehicle of interest if you have already found one.



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